beginning in January 2022

Empowered Eating
21-day Group Coaching Program

$2,900 pesos

includes 5 hours of group coaching sessions + personalized meal plans/recipes and support

reconnect to your body through food

Learn what works for YOU

Have you been prescribed an elimination or anti-inflammatory diet by your health practitioner?

Are you curious about how your body interacts with certain foods?

Want to give your gut a break and reset to welcome the new year?

I am a certified functional medicine health coach and I am the person you turn to when you decide it’s time to make a dietary or lifestyle change, and you’re left wondering “but…how?”


Why this group coaching program?

Included in the program:

Optional add-ons:

Following a restrictive dietary regimen can be lonely and isolating

Connecting with a community of people who are on the same journey can help you stay on track and also learn from the experiences of others

My role as a health coach is not as an expert but as an ally. I will guide our group sessions with the goal of revealing each individual’s own strengths and intrinsic motivation



Who is Kate?

I am a functional medicine certified health coach, writer and entrepreneur. I explore health as the intersection of biology and individual choice. Driven by my curiosity, compassion and creativity, my goal is to empower people to optimize their well-being.

I live in San Miguel de Allende (my home for over 16 years) with my husband, two daughters and motley crew of rescued pets.